Tenet Weapons

Check the Progenitor Warframe.

New Corpus liches aka Sisters of Parvos will help you in getting the following Weapons:

TENET ENVOY (primary) This discreet rocket launcher is equally at home in a board meeting or on a casual outing. Aimed rockets are wire-guided for greater accuracy, but travel more slowly. The patented Granum Attaché System reloads the weapon when holstered.

TENET DIPLOS (Secondary) Itemize and execute with this pair of auto-lock-on, homing-projectile pistols. Shoot from the hip for a more conventional pistol experience. The patented Granum Attaché System reloads the pistols when holstered.

TENET SPIREX (Secondary) Dominate rivals with this pistol’s lightning fast rail-slugs. Head-shots speed up reload.

TENET TETRA (primary) Parvosian upgrade of the classic Tetra. Slower fire rate but with a larger magazine. Can now alt fire an entire clip as a large burst radius grenade launcher.

TENET FLUX RIFLE (primary) Sister-modified Flux Rifle with increased fire rate and range. Recharge has been replaced with ammo clips to accommodate greater power needs.

TENET ARCA PLASMOR (primary) Custom variant of a Corpus classic. Staggering blasts now ricochet and have greater range at the cost of a slower fire and reload speed. Surviving enemies are consumed with radiation.

TENET CYCRON (Secondary) This reengineered Cycron features a refracting energy disc that can split off its main target hitting up to two additional nearby targets.

TENET DETRON (Secondary) Parvos Granum’s engineers have made this already ferocious hand-cannon even more deadly with the addition of an alternate fire mode that empties an entire clip in one devastating burst.

New Melee Weapons available from Ergo Glast:

Get Corrupted Holokeys from railjack missions. Trade them with Ergo Glast at any Relay for new Tenet briefcase Melee Weapons, complete with bonus elemental damage! Four Tenet Melee Weapons will be available each week with a random Element

TENET AGENDUS Drive the agenda with this massive impact hammer. Heavy attacks launch devastating energy disks.

TENET EXEC Leverage bleeding-edge Granum tech with this massive heavy blade. Slam sends forth a cascading set of three shockwaves, while Heavy Slam unleashes a swath of shockwaves.

TENET LIVIA The sleek lines of the Granum Attaché case conceal an infinitely sharp two-handed blade. Blocked attacks have a chance to increase the blocking angle. Note: The Granum Attaché system pauses the combo timer when holstered.

TENET GRIGORI On Heavy Slide Attack this Corpus scythe launches a spinning energy disk that ricochets throughout the battlefield. Its lifetime is derived from the size of the Combo Counter. Note: The Granum Attaché system pauses the combo timer when holstered.

Check Prime Primary, Primary, Secondary, Prime Secondary, Prime Melee, Kuva, Tenet, Amp, Kitgun, Zaw and others