Tekko Prime

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tekko prime
As merciless and indestructible as Atlas Prime himself, Tekko Prime crush and split with tectonic force.
tekko prime

Tekko Prime Specifications

Type Fist
Mastery Rank12
Total Damage180
Critical Chance30 %
Critical Multiplier2.4
Proc Chance26 %
Fire Rate1
Magazine Size
Reload Time0

Tekko Prime Damage

Total Damage - 180
Normal Attack - Impact 39.6, puncture 25.2, slash 115.2,

Tekko Prime Polarities

Madurai, Madurai,

Tekko Prime farming locations or relics

ItemLocation or Relic% Chance
Tekko Prime BladeAxi T6 Relic2
Tekko Prime BladeAxi T7 Relic2
Tekko Prime BladeNeo T2 Relic2
Tekko Prime BlueprintLith L2 Relic11
Tekko Prime BlueprintLith P5 Relic11
Tekko Prime BlueprintMeso E4 Relic11
Tekko Prime BlueprintNeo B7 Relic11
Tekko Prime GauntletAxi C5 Relic25.33
Tekko Prime GauntletAxi G4 Relic25.33
Tekko Prime GauntletAxi W2 Relic25.33
Tekko Prime GauntletLith T4 Relic25.33
Tekko Prime GauntletMeso N9 Relic25.33
Tekko Prime GauntletMeso T5 Relic25.33
Tekko Prime GauntletMeso W1 Relic25.33

Tekko Prime - Riven Trading data

Riven Trade data for tekko prime is not available currently

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