Strun Prime

Get the Primary Prime Weapon details and farming information about the weapon

A classic shotgun design, embellished for the elite as only the Orokin could.
strun prime

Strun Prime Specifications

Type Shotgun
Trigger Semi
Noise Alarming
Mastery Rank14
Total Damage54
Critical Chance24 %
Critical Multiplier2.2
Proc Chance6.67 %
Fire Rate3.33
Magazine Size10
Reload Time4.6

Strun Prime Damage

Total Damage - 54
Normal Attack - Impact 19.8, puncture 6.6, slash 17.6,
Incarnon Mode - Impact 100,
Incarnon Mode AoE - puncture 40, slash 100, blast 60,

Strun Prime Polarities

Naramon, Madurai, Madurai,

Strun Prime farming locations or relics

ItemLocation or Relic% Chance
Strun Prime BarrelAxi N8 Relic11
Strun Prime BarrelAxi P4 Relic11
Strun Prime BarrelLith B10 Relic11
Strun Prime BarrelLith H5 Relic11
Strun Prime BarrelLith N12 Relic11
Strun Prime BarrelLith T7 Relic11
Strun Prime BarrelMeso H4 Relic11
Strun Prime BlueprintLith S11 Relic2
Strun Prime BlueprintLith S12 Relic2
Strun Prime BlueprintMeso S10 Relic2
Strun Prime BlueprintNeo S17 Relic2
Strun Prime ReceiverAxi I2 Relic25.33
Strun Prime ReceiverAxi T8 Relic25.33
Strun Prime ReceiverMeso G3 Relic25.33
Strun Prime ReceiverMeso P10 Relic25.33
Strun Prime ReceiverNeo C3 Relic25.33
Strun Prime ReceiverNeo D5 Relic25.33
Strun Prime ReceiverNeo L2 Relic25.33
Strun Prime ReceiverNeo M4 Relic25.33
Strun Prime StockAxi K10 Relic11
Strun Prime StockLith G5 Relic11
Strun Prime StockLith H6 Relic11
Strun Prime StockMeso D7 Relic11
Strun Prime StockMeso S11 Relic11
Strun Prime StockNeo A8 Relic11
Strun Prime StockNeo N17 Relic11

Strun Prime - Riven Trading data

ConsoleRolled?Popu larityMinMaxAvgMedSt. Dev
Nintendo SwitchUnrolled13101010100
Nintendo SwitchRolled5028150674549.57

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