Scourge Prime

scourge prime
Smite the unrighteous with Harrow Prime's signature speargun.
scourge prime

Scourge Prime Specifications

Type Speargun
Trigger Auto
Noise Alarming
Mastery Rank14
Total Damage140
Critical Chance10 %
Critical Multiplier2
Proc Chance30 %
Fire Rate2.67
Magazine Size40
Reload Time2.2

Scourge Prime Damage

Total Damage - 140
Projectile Impact - corrosive 80,
Explosion - corrosive 60,
Uncharged Spear Throw Impact - Impact 140, puncture 30, slash 30,
Uncharged Spear Throw Explosion - corrosive 55,
Charged Spear Throw - Impact 210, puncture 45, slash 45,
Charged Spear Explosion - corrosive 55,

Scourge Prime Polarities

Naramon, Madurai, Madurai, Madurai,

Scourge Prime farming locations or relics

ItemLocation or Relic% Chance
Scourge Prime BarrelMeso S11 Relic2
Scourge Prime BladeNeo N18 Relic25.33
Scourge Prime BlueprintAxi S9 Relic2
Scourge Prime HandleLith C9 Relic11

Scourge Prime - Riven Trading data

Riven Trade data for scourge prime is not available currently

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