Prisma Dual Decurions

Colder than space and less forgiving, Prisma crystals bring elite efficiency to the already sleek Dual Decurion. Requiring the lightest of touches to reload, these twin archguns prove that heavy weaponry can still possess elegance.
prisma dual decurions

Prisma Dual Decurions Specifications

Type Arch-Gun
Trigger Auto
Noise Alarming
Mastery Rank1
Total Damage110
Critical Chance30 %
Critical Multiplier2.2
Proc Chance24 %
Fire Rate10
Magazine Size32
Reload Time0.89

Prisma Dual Decurions Damage

Total Damage - 110
Normal Attack - Impact 49.5, puncture 30.3, slash 30.2,

Prisma Dual Decurions Polarities

Madurai, Madurai,

Prisma Dual Decurions farming locations or relics

No data available for farming parts

Prisma Dual Decurions - Riven Trading data

Riven Trade data for prisma dual decurions is not available currently