Boltor Prime

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boltor prime
Fires Orokin designed bolts that are faster and sharper.
boltor prime

Boltor Prime Specifications

Type Rifle
Trigger Auto
Noise Alarming
Mastery Rank13
Total Damage46
Critical Chance12 %
Critical Multiplier2
Proc Chance34 %
Fire Rate10
Magazine Size60
Reload Time2.4

Boltor Prime Damage

Total Damage - 46
Normal Attack - Impact 4.6, puncture 41.4,

Boltor Prime Polarities

Vazarin, Madurai,

Boltor Prime farming locations or relics

ItemLocation or Relic% Chance
Boltor Prime BarrelMeso M1 Relic25.33
Boltor Prime BarrelMeso N6 Relic25.33
Boltor Prime BlueprintLith B4 Relic2
Boltor Prime BlueprintNeo B3 Relic2
Boltor Prime ReceiverLith B1 Relic11
Boltor Prime ReceiverNeo R1 Relic11
Boltor Prime StockAxi R1 Relic25.33
Boltor Prime StockAxi S3 Relic25.33

Boltor Prime - Riven Trading data

Riven Trade data for boltor prime is not available currently

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