Baza Prime

Get the Primary Prime Weapon details and farming information about the weapon

This rapid-fire classic is the Orokin-engineered definition of silent, pinpoint lethality.
baza prime

Baza Prime Specifications

Type Rifle
Trigger Auto
Noise Silent
Mastery Rank10
Total Damage16
Critical Chance28 %
Critical Multiplier3
Proc Chance14 %
Fire Rate16.67
Magazine Size60
Reload Time1.1

Baza Prime Damage

Total Damage - 16
Normal Attack - Impact 5.76, puncture 6.72, slash 3.52,

Baza Prime Polarities

Madurai, Madurai,

Baza Prime farming locations or relics

ItemLocation or Relic% Chance
Baza Prime BarrelAxi I2 Relic11
Baza Prime BarrelAxi Z1 Relic11
Baza Prime BarrelLith A4 Relic11
Baza Prime BarrelLith S10 Relic11
Baza Prime BarrelLith W2 Relic11
Baza Prime BarrelNeo I3 Relic11
Baza Prime BarrelNeo N15 Relic11
Baza Prime BlueprintAxi B4 Relic2
Baza Prime BlueprintLith B7 Relic2
Baza Prime BlueprintLith B8 Relic2
Baza Prime BlueprintMeso B4 Relic2
Baza Prime BlueprintMeso B5 Relic2
Baza Prime BlueprintAxi S13 Relic11
Baza Prime ReceiverAxi A15 Relic25.33
Baza Prime ReceiverAxi N7 Relic25.33
Baza Prime ReceiverAxi W2 Relic25.33
Baza Prime ReceiverLith K7 Relic25.33
Baza Prime ReceiverMeso C6 Relic25.33
Baza Prime ReceiverMeso E4 Relic25.33
Baza Prime ReceiverMeso P2 Relic25.33
Baza Prime ReceiverNeo R3 Relic25.33
Baza Prime StockAxi B3 Relic2
Baza Prime StockLith B9 Relic2
Baza Prime StockMeso B6 Relic2
Baza Prime StockNeo B7 Relic2

Baza Prime - Riven Trading data

ConsoleRolled?Popu larityMinMaxAvgMedSt. Dev
Nintendo SwitchRolled2530250140140110

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