Astilla Prime

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astilla prime
Loose explosive glass slugs that tear through enemies with Gara’s signature shotgun, presented here in its spectacular Prime form.
astilla prime

Astilla Prime Specifications

Type Shotgun
Trigger Auto
Noise Alarming
Mastery Rank14
Total Damage240
Critical Chance21 %
Critical Multiplier1.9
Proc Chance37 %
Fire Rate4.33
Magazine Size24
Reload Time2

Astilla Prime Damage

Total Damage - 240
Slug Impact - Impact 100,
Glass Explosion - puncture 49, slash 91,

Astilla Prime Polarities

Madurai, Naramon, Madurai,

Astilla Prime farming locations or relics

ItemLocation or Relic% Chance
Astilla Prime BarrelLith A4 Relic2
Astilla Prime BarrelMeso A3 Relic2
Astilla Prime BlueprintMeso I2 Relic11
Astilla Prime BlueprintNeo T4 Relic11
Astilla Prime ReceiverAxi N7 Relic25.33
Astilla Prime ReceiverLith H3 Relic25.33
Astilla Prime ReceiverLith N8 Relic25.33
Astilla Prime StockLith T8 Relic11
Astilla Prime StockMeso T5 Relic11
Astilla Prime StockNeo P3 Relic11

Astilla Prime - Riven Trading data

Riven Trade data for astilla prime is not available currently

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