Amp 101

Warframe Amp guide

Amps are build using three parts – Prism, Scaffold and Brace. Prism for primary fire, Scaffold for secondary fire and Brace for passive stats. Main use of Amp is to kill the bosses like Eidolon, Profit Taker and Ropalolyst.
For reaching MR30 you might want to make one Amp for each Prism, as prism only count for ranking-up

There are 7 Prism, 7 Scaffold and 7 Brace, so technically 7x7x7 = 343 combinations.. but dont worry you dont need all of them.

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Here are the basic explanation of Prism, Scaffold and Brace.


Prism decide the Primary Fire and count towards the Mastery rank.

Raplak Prism (P1)

Raplak prism provides Semi-auto, long-range and requires precise aim

Raplak Prism

Shwaak Prism (P2)

Shwaak prism is a semi-auto, medium range prism and provides guaranteed Impact proc on each shot and punch-through projectile piercing multiple enemies.

Shwaak Prism

Granmu Prism (P3)

Granmu prism is a grenade launcher, releasing a burst of three grenades with each having splash radius of 3.5 meters

Granmu Prism

Rahn Prism (P4)

Rahn prism is a fully-auto, long range shots life a fully automated rifle. It gives high critical damages but has bad Status Chance

Rahn Prism

Cantic Prism (P5)

Cantic Prism fires quick and precise three-shot burst. Good accuracy over long range with high critical chance.. good with steady hands

Cantic Prism

Lega Prism (P6)

Lega Prism fires continuous, widespread jet of void fire with medium range aka Flamethrower. low Critical Chance

Lega Prism

Klamora Prism (P7)

Klamora Prism fires Wide, short ranged beam meaning you need to be close to your enemy. highest Critical Chance

Klamora Prism


Scaffolds decide the Secondary Fire for Amp

Pencha Scaffold (S1)

Pencha Scaffold fires charged beam and requires charging for 0.75 Seconds. This also mean that you need to time the charging perfectly and its not good for multiple enemies. It has below average Critical Chance and Critical Multiplier

Pencha Scaffold

Shraksun Scaffold (S2)

Shraksun Scaffold boosts Critical Chance and fires a single projectile that explodes. It has wide radius and has both shot damage and explosion damage making it ideal in any situation

Shraksun Scaffold

Klebrik Scaffold (S3)

Klebrik Scaffold fires a continuous beam of Void energy and find any target even behind cover. its also good with Critical and Status Chance and has infinite Punch, but not good for crowd control

Klebrik Scaffold

Phahd Scaffold (S4)

Phahd Scaffold is a glaive which fires a projectile that home in on its targets (upto 4). be careful as it can self-stagger

Phahd Scaffold

Exard Scaffold (S5)

Exard scaffold is a automatic grenade launcher that shoots until out of ammo. It has great Critical and Status Chance. but has high recoil and terrible accuracy at range

Exard Scaffold

Dissic Scaffold (S6)

Dissic Scaffold fires a multiple explosive that further breaks into several smaller explosives. The initial blast has a massive radius of 12 meters and can self-damage

Dissic Scaffold

Propa Scaffold (S7)

Propa scaffold fires a large slow moving explosive ball, which explodes once it comes in enemy or surface contact. it can self-damage

Propa Scaffold


Braces decides the passive effects to both primary and secondary fire modes. it can affect Amp recharge delay, energy pool and most importantly critical/ status chances

Clapkra Brace (B1)

Gives +40 Energy to amp pool.

Clapkra Brace

Juttni Brace (B2)

-1 second Amp Recharge delay. Adding to Pencha Scaffold will generate energy on the go allowing you to shoot forever

Juttni Brace

Lohrin Brace (B3)

+12% Amp Critical/Status Chance (best option till you get the Certus Brace)

Lohrin Brace

Anspatha Brace (B4)

+20 Amp Energy Pool, +15/s Energy Recharge Rate

Anspatha Brace

Suo Brace (B5)

+100 Amp Energy Pool, +2s Amp Recharge Delay

Suo Brace

Plaga Brace (B6)

-20 Amp Energy Pool, -1.5s Amp Recharge Delay

Plaga Brace

Certus Brace (B7)

+20% Amp Critical chance making it the most used Brace and very much required for your Boss fights