Get Vauban parts from Nightwave: Nora’s Choice!

The highly tactical Vauban uses his powers to create deadly traps that can zap, imprison and dimensionally crush enemies.

Vauban Abilities

Passive Deal |DAMAGE|% Extra Damage to incapacitated enemies.
Tesla NervosDeploy a roller drone that attaches itself to enemies and delivers bursts of arcing electricity to anything in the immediate area.
MinelayerCycle through four deployable mines. Tether Coil immobilizes and groups enemies together. Flechette Orb fires out deadly nails in all directions. Vector Pad accelerates enemies and allies in the pad's direction. Overdriver latches onto the nearest ally and boosts their weapon damage.
Photon StrikeDrop a targeting beacon that calls in a devastating laser artillery strike.
BastilleErect a containment field to capture enemies and suspended them in stasis, stripping their armor. Hold to collapse all Bastilles into a single damaging vortex.

Vauban Specifications

Mastery Rank0
Sprint Speed1

Vauban Component farming

PartLocation or RelicChance
  • Drop chance is for the intact relics only.
  • Not listing additional items required like Alloy Plate, Argon Crystal, Forma, Gallium, Kuva, Nano Spores, Nitain Extract, Orokin Cell etc.
  • Some components requires other components not listing those also.