Equally adept at healing friends or striking down the enemy. Oberon embodies the balance Tenno are sworn to uphold.

Oberon Abilities

Passive Allied pets receive |HEALTH|% Health-link, Armor-link and Shield-link from Oberon. In addition, your pet receives an instant revive per mission.
SmiteFocuses deadly energy within a target and then projects it outwards, damaging both the target and surrounding enemies.
Hallowed GroundSanctifies the ground before Oberon with righteous fire, inflicting damage to any enemy that stands in the flames.
RenewalHealing waves of energy flow outward from Oberon to his allies, regenerating Health over time.
ReckoningQuickly lifts enemies into the air and then hurls them down with conviction. Enemies who succumb to this power have a chance to spawn a Health Orb.

Oberon Specifications

Mastery Rank0
Sprint Speed1

Oberon Component farming

PartLocation or RelicChance
Oberon Chassis BlueprintSaturn/Kasio's Rest (Caches)10 %
Oberon Chassis BlueprintSaturn/Lupal Pass (Caches)10 %
Oberon Chassis BlueprintSaturn/Mordo Cluster (Caches)10 %
Oberon Chassis BlueprintSaturn/Nodo Gap (Caches)10 %
Oberon Chassis BlueprintSaturn/Vand Cluster (Caches)10 %
Oberon Neuroptics BlueprintVeil/Flexa (Caches), Rotation A10 %
Oberon Neuroptics BlueprintVeil/H-2 Cloud (Caches), Rotation A10 %
Oberon Neuroptics BlueprintVeil/Nsu Grid (Caches), Rotation A10 %
Oberon Neuroptics BlueprintVeil/R-9 Cloud (Caches), Rotation A10 %
Oberon Systems BlueprintEarth/Bendar Cluster (Caches)10 %
Oberon Systems BlueprintEarth/Iota Temple (Caches)10 %
Oberon Systems BlueprintEarth/Korm's Belt (Caches)10 %
Oberon Systems BlueprintEarth/Ogal Cluster (Caches)10 %
Oberon Systems BlueprintEarth/Sover Strait (Caches)10 %
  • Drop chance is for the intact relics only.
  • Not listing additional items required like Alloy Plate, Argon Crystal, Forma, Gallium, Kuva, Nano Spores, Nitain Extract, Orokin Cell etc.
  • Some components requires other components not listing those also.