Hydroid summons the power of the ocean depths. He provides crowd control with aqueous attacks. His enemies will meet a watery demise.

Hydroid Abilities

Passive Enemies damaged by Hydroid are more vulnerable to Corrosion Status, with initial Status reducing Armor by |PCT|%.
Tempest BarrageSummon a tempest to rain down upon a target area.
Tidal SurgeCrash through enemies in a ferocious wall of water.
PlunderPlunder Armor from nearby enemies and increase Corrosive Damage on your Abilities and weapons. Enemies affected by Corrosion Status offer a greater increase.
Tentacle SwarmSummon a creature from the depths. Its watery tentacles emerge from nearby surfaces to wreak havoc.

Hydroid Specifications

Mastery Rank0
Sprint Speed1.05

Hydroid Component farming

PartLocation or RelicChance
Hydroid Chassis BlueprintEarth/Oro (Assassination)38.72 %
Hydroid Chassis BlueprintVay Hek Frequency Triangulator, Rotation C38.72 %
Hydroid Neuroptics BlueprintEarth/Oro (Assassination)38.72 %
Hydroid Neuroptics BlueprintVay Hek Frequency Triangulator, Rotation C38.72 %
Hydroid Systems BlueprintEarth/Oro (Assassination)22.56 %
Hydroid Systems BlueprintVay Hek Frequency Triangulator, Rotation C22.56 %
  • Drop chance is for the intact relics only.
  • Not listing additional items required like Alloy Plate, Argon Crystal, Forma, Gallium, Kuva, Nano Spores, Nitain Extract, Orokin Cell etc.
  • Some components requires other components not listing those also.