Excalibur Umbra

From the shadow of the long night emerges a new Excalibur.
Excalibur Umbra

Excalibur Umbra Abilities

Passive Umbra exhibits sentience in combat without Transference control. Attacks |SPEED|% faster and deals |DAMAGE|% more damage while wielding swords.
Slash DashDash between enemies while slashing with the Exalted Blade.
Radial HowlLet out ferocious howl that stuns nearby enemies and causes Sentients to shed any built up resistances.
Radial JavelinLaunches javelins towards enemies, dealing high damage and impaling them to walls.
Exalted BladeSummon a sword of pure light and immense power.

Excalibur Umbra Specifications

Mastery Rank0
Sprint Speed1

Excalibur Umbra Component farming

PartLocation or RelicChance
  • Drop chance is for the intact relics only.
  • Not listing additional items required like Alloy Plate, Argon Crystal, Forma, Gallium, Kuva, Nano Spores, Nitain Extract, Orokin Cell etc.
  • Some components requires other components not listing those also.