Baruuk Prime

Doomed are the fools who attack the peace and exhaust the restraint of this reluctant warrior.
Baruuk Prime

Baruuk Prime Abilities

Passive Each projectile dodged, each enemy lulled or disarmed, erodes Baruuk's restraint and fuels the storm within. As Baruuk's restraint is diminished he becomes up to |PERCENT|% more resistant to damage.
EludeDodge all incoming projectiles, but only while not attacking. Use again to deactivate this ability.
LullA calming wave slows enemies until they fall into a slumber. Enemies woken by damage will be confused and disoriented. Short-term amnesia means all waking enemies forget anything that happened before the lull.
Desolate HandsSummon a bevy of orbiting daggers to seek out enemy guns, destroying them with a small explosion. Combine with Elude to double the range.
Serene StormWith his Restraint eroded, Baruuk commands the Desert Wind to deliver powerful radial strikes with his fists and feet. Each moment commanding the storm restores his Restraint.

Baruuk Prime Specifications

Mastery Rank0
Sprint Speed1.2

Baruuk Prime Component farming

PartDucat ValueLocation or RelicChance
Baruuk Prime Blueprint100Lith B10 Relic2 %
Baruuk Prime Blueprint100Lith B11 Relic2 %
Baruuk Prime Chassis Blueprint45Neo A8 Relic11 %
Baruuk Prime Chassis Blueprint45Neo N23 Relic11 %
Baruuk Prime Chassis Blueprint45Neo S17 Relic11 %
Baruuk Prime Neuroptics Blueprint100Axi B5 Relic2 %
Baruuk Prime Neuroptics Blueprint100Axi B6 Relic2 %
Baruuk Prime Systems Blueprint15Axi W3 Relic25.33 %
Baruuk Prime Systems Blueprint15Meso H4 Relic25.33 %
Baruuk Prime Systems Blueprint15Meso R5 Relic25.33 %
  • Drop chance is for the intact relics only.
  • Not listing additional items required like Alloy Plate, Argon Crystal, Forma, Gallium, Kuva, Nano Spores, Nitain Extract, Orokin Cell etc.
  • Some components requires other components not listing those also.