Relic Farming and Part drop chance

Meso H4

Relics are the key to getting the Prime parts. Here you can get information about what relic will give you and where to farm the Relic
Once you open the relic, you will get one of the below items. As you might be aware distilling the Relic will have higher chances to get the required parts. so choose wisely Tenno!!

Meso H4 Part drop chance

Part NameIntactExceptionalFlawlessRadiant
Harrow Prime Systems Blueprint2 %4 %6 %10 %
Strun Prime Barrel11 %13 %17 %20 %
Knell Prime Receiver11 %13 %17 %20 %
Larkspur Prime Blueprint25.33 %23.33 %20 %16.67 %
Baruuk Prime Systems Blueprint25.33 %23.33 %20 %16.67 %
Nagantaka Prime Barrel25.33 %23.33 %20 %16.67 %

Meso H4 Relic Farming locations

Location / mission RotationDrop Chance
Venus Orb Vallis Subsequent Completions C15 %
Uranus Ur Disruption A14.29 %
Sedna Kappa Disruption A14.29 %
Sedna Camenae Defense A14.29 %
Saturn Helene Defense A14.29 %
Mars Olympus Disruption C14.29 %
Jupiter Io Defense A14.29 %
Europa Paimon Defense A14.29 %
Venus Cytherean Interception C13.92 %
Mercury Odin Interception C13.92 %
Mars Alator Interception C13.92 %
Earth Gaia Interception C13.92 %
Ceres Cinxia Interception C13.92 %
Deimos Cambion Drift Level 30 - 40 Arcana Isolation Vault B12.5 %
Void Ani Survival B11.06 %
Uranus Rosalind Spy B11.06 %
Sedna Tikoloshe Spy B11.06 %
Sedna Kelpie Spy B11.06 %
Saturn Dione Spy C11.06 %
Saturn Aegaeon Spy C11.06 %
Pluto Oceanum Spy B11.06 %
Neptune Nereid Spy B11.06 %
Kuva Fortress Pago Spy C11.06 %
Jupiter Amalthea Spy C11.06 %
Europa Valac Spy C11.06 %
Eris Gnathos Spy B11.06 %
Eris Cyath Spy B11.06 %
Deimos Hyf Defense C11.06 %
Ceres Bode Spy C11.06 %
Uranus Umbriel Interception A10 %
Saturn Rhea Interception A10 %
Saturn Caracol Defection B10 %
Neptune Brom Cluster Skirmish B10 %
Jupiter Callisto Interception A10 %
Europa Ose Interception A10 %
Sanctuary Onslaught Rotation B9.09 %
Time's Up Rotation C8.43 %
The Aftermath Rotation C8.43 %
Table For Two Rotation C8.43 %
Sunkiller Rotation C8.43 %
Recover The Orokin Archive Rotation C8.43 %
Phobos Opik Rush C8.43 %
Hot Mess Rotation C8.43 %
Family Reunion Rotation C8.43 %
Another Betrayer Rotation C8.43 %
Venus Tessera Defense C8.33 %
Venus Tessera Defense B8.33 %
Phobos Gulliver Defense C8.33 %
Phobos Gulliver Defense B8.33 %
Phobos Drunlo Defense C8.33 %
Phobos Drunlo Defense B8.33 %
Mercury Lares Defense C8.33 %
Mercury Lares Defense B8.33 %
Mars Spear Defense C8.33 %
Mars Spear Defense B8.33 %
Earth Lith Defense C8.33 %
Earth Lith Defense B8.33 %
Ceres Varro Defense C8.33 %
Ceres Varro Defense B8.33 %
Ceres Egeria Defense C8.33 %
Ceres Egeria Defense B8.33 %
Ceres Casta Defense C8.33 %
Ceres Casta Defense B8.33 %
Deimos Cambion Drift Level 30 - 40 Arcana Isolation Vault B7.81 %
Venus Romula Defense C7.59 %
Sedna Sangeru Defense C7.59 %
Pluto Sechura Defense C7.59 %
Mars Kadesh Defense C7.59 %
Jupiter Sinai Defense C7.59 %
Europa Larzac Defense C7.59 %
Eris Akkad Defense C7.59 %
Earth Coba Defense C7.59 %
Ceres Seimeni Defense C7.59 %
Saturn Titan Survival B7.14 %
Saturn Piscinas Survival B7.14 %
Phobos Zeugma Survival B7.14 %
Mars Wahiba Survival B7.14 %
Jupiter Elara Survival B7.14 %
Jupiter Cameria Survival B7.14 %
Europa Zagan Survival B7.14 %
Europa Valefor Excavation B7.14 %
Europa Lillith Excavation B7.14 %
Ceres Draco Survival B7.14 %
Void Belenus Defense A6.96 %
Void Ukko Capture6.67 %
Void Tiwaz Mobile Defense6.67 %
Void Taranis Defense C6.67 %
Void Stribog Sabotage6.67 %
Void Oxomoco Exterminate6.67 %
Neptune Enkidu Ice Drifts Skirmish A6.67 %
Neptune Arva Vector Skirmish A6.67 %
Void Ani Survival C6.49 %
Deimos Cambion Drift Level 30 - 40 Isolation Vault B6.25 %
Deimos Cambion Drift Level 30 - 40 Arcana Isolation Vault B6.25 %
Saturn Vand Cluster Caches5.99 %
Saturn Nodo Gap Caches5.99 %
Saturn Mordo Cluster Caches5.99 %
Saturn Lupal Pass Caches5.99 %
Saturn Kasio's Rest Caches5.99 %
Venus Cytherean Interception B5.88 %
Mercury Odin Interception B5.88 %
Mars Alator Interception B5.88 %
Earth Gaia Interception B5.88 %
Ceres Cinxia Interception B5.88 %
Jupiter Ganymede Disruption A5.56 %
Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Rotation A5.53 %
Saturn Pandora Pursuit5.06 %
Neptune Mammon's Prospect Skirmish A4.76 %
Pluto Seven Sirens Caches A4.35 %
Pluto Profit Margin Caches A4.35 %
Pluto Peregrine Axis Caches A4.35 %
Pluto Obol Crossing Caches A4.35 %
Pluto Khufu Envoy Caches A4.35 %
Pluto Fenton's Field Caches A4.35 %
Neptune Sovereign Grasp Caches A4.35 %
Neptune Nu-Gua Mines Caches A4.35 %
Neptune Mammon's Prospect Caches A4.35 %
Neptune Enkidu Ice Drifts Caches A4.35 %
Neptune Brom Cluster Caches A4.35 %
Neptune Arva Vector Caches A4.35 %
Zariman Tuvul Commons Void Cascade A3.13 %
Zariman Oro Works Void Armageddon A3.13 %
Zariman Everview Arc Void Flood A3.13 %
Zariman The Greenway Mobile Defense2.5 %
Zariman Halako Perimeter Exterminate2.5 %
Void Storm Saturn2.44 %
Void Storm Neptune2.44 %
Venus Bifrost Echo Skirmish2.44 %
Neptune Sovereign Grasp Skirmish2.41 %
Neptune Nu-Gua Mines Skirmish2.41 %
Void Taranis Defense B2.05 %
Void Ani Survival A2.05 %
Saturn Vand Cluster Skirmish2 %
Saturn Nodo Gap Skirmish2 %
Saturn Mordo Cluster Skirmish2 %
Saturn Lupal Pass Skirmish2 %
Saturn Kasio's Rest Skirmish2 %
Venus Romula Defense B1.58 %
Time's Up Rotation B1.58 %
The Aftermath Rotation B1.58 %
Table For Two Rotation B1.58 %
Sunkiller Rotation B1.58 %
Sedna Sangeru Defense B1.58 %
Recover The Orokin Archive Rotation B1.58 %
Pluto Sechura Defense B1.58 %
Phobos Opik Rush B1.58 %
Mars Kadesh Defense B1.58 %
Jupiter Sinai Defense B1.58 %
Hot Mess Rotation B1.58 %
Family Reunion Rotation B1.58 %
Europa Larzac Defense B1.58 %
Eris Akkad Defense B1.58 %
Earth Coba Defense B1.58 %
Ceres Seimeni Defense B1.58 %
Another Betrayer Rotation B1.58 %
Earth Cetus Level 15 - 25 Plague Star A0.67 %
Earth Cetus Level 15 - 25 Plague Star A0.58 %
Earth Cetus Level 15 - 25 Plague Star A0.42 %
To Farm for this relic, you can go to the following locations. I have sorted the locations by the probability of getting the relic.But you can decide based on the your play style. I prefer Capture missions or the missions with “Rotation A” even if the chance to get the relic is low. So use the search option below. Choice is yours Tenno!!