Relic Farming and Part drop chance

Lith W3

Relics are the key to getting the Prime parts. Here you can get information about what relic will give you and where to farm the Relic
Once you open the relic, you will get one of the below items. As you might be aware distilling the Relic will have higher chances to get the required parts. so choose wisely Tenno!!

Lith W3 Part drop chance

Part NameIntactExceptionalFlawlessRadiant
Wisp Prime Chassis Blueprint2 %4 %6 %10 %
Larkspur Prime Stock11 %13 %17 %20 %
Corvas Prime Blueprint11 %13 %17 %20 %
Forma Blueprint25.33 %23.33 %20 %16.67 %
Hildryn Prime Systems Blueprint25.33 %23.33 %20 %16.67 %
Dual Keres Prime Blade25.33 %23.33 %20 %16.67 %

Lith W3 Relic Farming locations

Location / mission RotationDrop Chance
Venus Vesper Spy B14.29 %
Venus Unda Spy B14.29 %
Phobos Shklovsky Spy B14.29 %
Phobos Grildrig Spy B14.29 %
Mercury Suisei Spy B14.29 %
Mars Olympus Disruption B14.29 %
Mars Olympus Disruption A14.29 %
Mars Arval Spy B14.29 %
Earth Cambria Spy B14.29 %
Ceres Hapke Spy B14.29 %
Venus Orb Vallis Level 40 - 60 PROFIT-TAKER - PHASE 1 C12.5 %
Deimos Terrorem Survival A11.11 %
Deimos Hyf Defense A11.11 %
Void Taranis Defense B11.06 %
Void Ani Survival A11.06 %
Venus V Prime Survival C11.06 %
Venus Malva Survival C11.06 %
Venus Kiliken Excavation C11.06 %
Phobos Wendell Excavation C11.06 %
Phobos Stickney Survival C11.06 %
Phobos Flimnap Survival C11.06 %
Mercury Apollodorus Survival C11.06 %
Mars Augustus Excavation C11.06 %
Mars Arcadia Survival C11.06 %
Earth Tikal Excavation C11.06 %
Earth Everest Excavation C11.06 %
Ceres Gabii Survival C11.06 %
Venus Orvin-Haarc Skirmish B10 %
Venus Cytherean Interception A10 %
Phobos Memphis Defection C10 %
Phobos Memphis Defection B10 %
Mercury Odin Interception A10 %
Mars Alator Interception A10 %
Earth Gaia Interception A10 %
Ceres Cinxia Interception A10 %
Phobos Kepler Rush C9.68 %
Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Rotation A9.48 %
Sanctuary Onslaught Rotation A9.17 %
Venus Tessera Defense A9.09 %
Phobos Gulliver Defense A9.09 %
Phobos Drunlo Defense A9.09 %
Mercury Lares Defense A9.09 %
Mars Spear Defense A9.09 %
Earth Lith Defense A9.09 %
Ceres Varro Defense A9.09 %
Ceres Egeria Defense A9.09 %
Ceres Casta Defense A9.09 %
Venus V Prime Survival B7.69 %
Venus Malva Survival B7.69 %
Venus Kiliken Excavation B7.69 %
Phobos Wendell Excavation B7.69 %
Phobos Stickney Survival B7.69 %
Phobos Flimnap Survival B7.69 %
Mercury Apollodorus Survival B7.69 %
Mars Augustus Excavation B7.69 %
Mars Arcadia Survival B7.69 %
Earth Tikal Excavation B7.69 %
Earth Everest Excavation B7.69 %
Ceres Gabii Survival B7.69 %
Venus Romula Defense A6.9 %
Sedna Sangeru Defense A6.9 %
Pluto Sechura Defense A6.9 %
Mars Kadesh Defense A6.9 %
Jupiter Sinai Defense A6.9 %
Europa Larzac Defense A6.9 %
Eris Akkad Defense A6.9 %
Earth Coba Defense A6.9 %
Ceres Seimeni Defense A6.9 %
Void Tiwaz Mobile Defense6.67 %
Void Teshub Exterminate6.67 %
Void Taranis Defense C6.67 %
Void Taranis Defense A6.67 %
Void Stribog Sabotage6.67 %
Void Hepit Capture6.67 %
Venus Luckless Expanse Skirmish A6.67 %
Venus Falling Glory Skirmish A6.67 %
Earth Sover Strait Caches5 %
Earth Ogal Cluster Caches5 %
Earth Korm's Belt Caches5 %
Earth Iota Temple Caches5 %
Earth Bendar Cluster Caches5 %
Venus Vesper Strait Skirmish A4.76 %
Venus Vesper Strait Caches A4.35 %
Venus Orvin-Haarc Caches A4.35 %
Venus Luckless Expanse Caches A4.35 %
Venus Falling Glory Caches A4.35 %
Venus Bifrost Echo Caches A4.35 %
Venus Beacon Shield Ring Caches A4.35 %
Earth Sover Strait Skirmish3 %
Earth Ogal Cluster Skirmish3 %
Earth Korm's Belt Skirmish3 %
Earth Iota Temple Skirmish3 %
Earth Bendar Cluster Skirmish3 %
Void Storm Venus2.5 %
Void Storm Earth2.5 %
Venus Bifrost Echo Skirmish2.44 %
Venus Beacon Shield Ring Skirmish2.44 %
Time's Up Rotation A2.21 %
The Aftermath Rotation A2.21 %
Table For Two Rotation A2.21 %
Sunkiller Rotation A2.21 %
Recover The Orokin Archive Rotation A2.21 %
Phobos Opik Rush A2.21 %
Hot Mess Rotation A2.21 %
Family Reunion Rotation A2.21 %
Another Betrayer Rotation A2.21 %
Earth Cetus Level 15 - 25 Plague Star A1.14 %
Earth Cetus Level 15 - 25 Plague Star A0.58 %
Earth Cetus Level 15 - 25 Plague Star A0.42 %
To Farm for this relic, you can go to the following locations. I have sorted the locations by the probability of getting the relic.But you can decide based on the your play style. I prefer Capture missions or the missions with “Rotation A” even if the chance to get the relic is low. So use the search option below. Choice is yours Tenno!!