Relic Farming and Part drop chance

Lith M5

Relics are the key to getting the Prime parts. Here you can get information about what relic will give you and where to farm the Relic
Once you open the relic, you will get one of the below items. As you might be aware distilling the Relic will have higher chances to get the required parts. so choose wisely Tenno!!

Lith M5 Part drop chance

Part NameIntactExceptionalFlawlessRadiant
Mesa Prime Neuroptics Blueprint2 %4 %6 %10 %
Titania Prime Blueprint11 %13 %17 %20 %
Stradavar Prime Barrel11 %13 %17 %20 %
Redeemer Prime Blade25.33 %23.33 %20 %16.67 %
Burston Prime Stock25.33 %23.33 %20 %16.67 %
Atlas Prime Blueprint25.33 %23.33 %20 %16.67 %

Lith M5 Relic Farming locations

Location / mission RotationDrop Chance
To Farm for this relic, you can go to the following locations. I have sorted the locations by the probability of getting the relic.But you can decide based on the your play style. I prefer Capture missions or the missions with “Rotation A” even if the chance to get the relic is low. So use the search option below. Choice is yours Tenno!!