Relic Farming and Part drop chance

Axi T10

Relics are the key to getting the Prime parts. Here you can get information about what relic will give you and where to farm the Relic
Once you open the relic, you will get one of the below items. As you might be aware distilling the Relic will have higher chances to get the required parts. so choose wisely Tenno!!

Axi T10 Part drop chance

Part NameIntactExceptionalFlawlessRadiant
Tatsu Prime Handle2 %4 %6 %10 %
Forma Blueprint11 %13 %17 %20 %
Orthos Prime Blade11 %13 %17 %20 %
Magnus Prime Blueprint25.33 %23.33 %20 %16.67 %
Corvas Prime Receiver25.33 %23.33 %20 %16.67 %
Bronco Prime Receiver25.33 %23.33 %20 %16.67 %

Axi T10 Relic Farming locations

Location / mission RotationDrop Chance
Sedna Berehynia Interception C14.29 %
Sedna Berehynia Interception B14.29 %
Pluto Cerberus Interception C14.29 %
Pluto Cerberus Interception B14.29 %
Lua Apollo Disruption B14.29 %
Eris Xini Interception C14.29 %
Eris Xini Interception B14.29 %
Eris Sporid Interception C14.29 %
Eris Sporid Interception B14.29 %
Eris Phalan Interception C14.29 %
Eris Phalan Interception B14.29 %
Eris Zabala Survival C12.5 %
Lua Apollo Disruption C12.42 %
Lua Yuvarium Survival C11.36 %
Uranus Stephano Defense C11.06 %
Uranus Ophelia Survival C11.06 %
Uranus Miranda Defense C11.06 %
Uranus Cupid Survival C11.06 %
Uranus Bianca Defense C11.06 %
Uranus Assur Survival C11.06 %
Sedna Yemaja Survival C11.06 %
Sedna Selkie Survival C11.06 %
Sedna Scylla Survival C11.06 %
Sedna Hydron Defense C11.06 %
Sedna Amarna Survival C11.06 %
Pluto Palus Survival C11.06 %
Pluto Outer Terminus Defense C11.06 %
Pluto Hieracon Excavation C11.06 %
Neptune Proteus Defense C11.06 %
Neptune Kelashin Survival C11.06 %
Neptune Despina Excavation C11.06 %
Lua Tycho Survival C11.06 %
Lua StöFler Defense C11.06 %
Kuva Fortress Nabuk Defense C11.06 %
Europa Cholistan Excavation C11.06 %
Eris Nimus Survival C11.06 %
Eris Kala-Azar Defense C11.06 %
Eris Ixodes Defense C11.06 %
Eris Hymeno Survival C11.06 %
Deimos Terrorem Survival C11.06 %
Void Mot Survival C10.84 %
Void Mithra Interception C10.84 %
Sedna Kappa Disruption C10.2 %
Veil Sabmir Cloud Skirmish B10 %
Neptune Yursa Defection C10 %
Uranus Caelus Interception C9.68 %
Kuva Fortress Taveuni Survival C8 %
Mars Tyana Pass Defense C7.9 %
Uranus Stephano Defense B6.67 %
Uranus Miranda Defense B6.67 %
Uranus Bianca Defense B6.67 %
Sedna Hydron Defense B6.67 %
Pluto Outer Terminus Defense B6.67 %
Neptune Proteus Defense B6.67 %
Lua StöFler Defense B6.67 %
Kuva Fortress Nabuk Defense B6.67 %
Eris Oestrus Infested Salvage B6.67 %
Eris Kala-Azar Defense B6.67 %
Eris Ixodes Defense B6.67 %
Void Marduk Sabotage6.25 %
Void Aten Mobile Defense6.25 %
Veil Lu-Yan Skirmish C6.25 %
Lua Circulus Survival C6.12 %
Veil Arc Silver Skirmish C5.71 %
Jupiter Ganymede Disruption C5 %
Veil Erato Skirmish B4.55 %
Void Belenus Defense C2.82 %
Void Storm Veil Proxima2.5 %
Veil Numina Skirmish2.41 %
Veil Calabash Skirmish2.41 %
Elite Sanctuary Onslaught Rotation C2.01 %
Void Mot Survival C0.29 %
Void Mithra Interception C0.29 %
To Farm for this relic, you can go to the following locations. I have sorted the locations by the probability of getting the relic.But you can decide based on the your play style. I prefer Capture missions or the missions with “Rotation A” even if the chance to get the relic is low. So use the search option below. Choice is yours Tenno!!