Riven Mod Challenges

To unveil the Riven you need to take one of the challenges, which is further complicated by the condition which must be fulfilled.

Most of the Riven Mods will be using a valid combination of one challenge with one condition below.

The first table list the main Challenge and second table list the additional condition:

#1st Table: Riven Challenges – Main challenge
1Catch fish without missing a throw
2Catch one fish, mine one gem or metal, and kill one enemy in 30 seconds
3Complete a Defense mission with level 30 or higher enemies with the defense objective taking no damage
4Complete a Solo Interception mission with level 30 or higher enemies and a Hobbled Dragon Key equipped
5Complete a Survival mission with level 30 or higher enemies without killing anyone
6Complete an Extermination mission with level 30 or higher enemies without being detected
7Destroy Dargyns in flight using a bow
8Destroy Vruush Turrets while in Archwing without dying or becoming downed
9Find Caches
10Find Syndicate Medallions
11Get Headshot kills in a single Aim Glide
12Get kills in a row while Wall Dashing or Wall Latching without touching the floor
13Get the killing blow on Sentients
15Kill Dargyn Pilots before they hit the ground
16Kill Enemies
17Kill Enemies that are on a Dropship
18Kill Enemies while Sliding
19Kill Enemies with Finishers
20Kill Enemies with Headshots
21Kill Enemies with Headshots from at least 100m away
22Kill unalerted Tusk Ballistas with a Headshot
23Land consecutive headshots while in Archwing in the Plains of Eidolon
24Sustain a 6x Melee Combo Multiplier for 30s
25Synthesize a Simaris target without using Traps or Abilities while having a Hobbled Dragon Key equipped
#2nd Table: Additional condition to Riven Challenges
1while alone or in Solo Mode
2in one day
3while Aim Glide
4while invisible
5while sliding
6while undetected
7with a Bleeding Dragon Key equipped
8with a Decaying Dragon Key equipped
9with a Hobbled Dragon Key equipped
10with an active pet present
11with an active sentinel present
12with an Extinguished Dragon Key equipped
13without an ally becoming downed
14without being disrupted by a Magnetic Damage
15without dying or becoming downed
16without failing a mission
17without getting afflicted by a Status Effect
18without raising any alarms
19without taking damage
20without using air support
21without using ammo consumables
22without using ciphers
23without using energy consumables
24without using health consumables
25without using shield consumables