Quest Guides

There are very sweet and short Quest guides available at the following link by DE and elsewhere. First 2 are non-spoiler but the last one has full details so be careful tenno

Main Quests

A quick summary of the main quest and rewards are list here for quick reference

QuestPre-requisiteQuest Rewards
Vor’s PrizeFirst LoginOne of three Starter Warframes (Excalibur, Volt, or Mag)
Starter Primary Weapon (MK1-Braton or MK1-Paris)
Starter Secondary Weapon (Lato or MK1-Kunai)
Starter Melee Weapon (Skana or MK1-Bo)
Orbiter Ship Segments
Once AwakeMercury JunctionMolten Impact Mod
Heat Sword Blueprint
The ArchwingCompleted Quest: Once Awake
Mars Junction
Odonata Archwing
Imperator Archwing Rifle
Veritux Archwing Melee Weapon
Unlocking the Archwing mode in your Arsenal
Stolen DreamsPhobos Junction on MarsEther Daggers Blueprint
Orokin Catalyst Blueprint
The New StrangeCompleted Quest: Stolen Dreams
Junction from Jupiter to Europa
Chroma Warframe Blueprint
Neuroptics Blueprint: Uranus Junction on Saturn
Chassis Blueprint: Neptune Junction on Uranus
Systems Blueprint: Pluto Junction on Neptune
NatahMastery Rank 3
Unlock the Uranus Junction
Exilus Adapter
The Second DreamMastery Rank 3
Unlock the Neptune Junction
Completed Quest: Natah
Broken War Melee Weapon
The War WithinMastery Rank 5
Completed Quest: The Second Dream
Unlock the Sedna Junction
Broken Scepter Melee Weapon
Orvius Melee Weapon Blueprint
Riven Mod
Personal Quarters Segment Blueprint
Chains of HarrowCompleted Quest: The War Within
Completed Mot Survival mission in the Void
Harrow Warframe Blueprint
Farming Harrow parts
Apostasy PrologueCompleted Quest: Chains of Harrow
Build Personal Quarters Segment
The SacrificeCompleted Quest: The Apostasy PrologueExcalibur Umbra
Skiajati and Sacrifice Mods
Chimera PrologueCompleted Quest: The SacrificeParacesis Blueprint
Rising TideCompleted Quest: The Second Dream Quest
Constructed the Dry Dock in your Clan Dojo
Completed the Railjack Cephalon Dojo Research
Obtained the Railjack Cephalon Blueprint from the Clan Dojo and claim it from your Foundry
Sigma Series Railjack

Additional Quests

Additional Quest mostly for additional Warframes:

QuestPre-requisiteQuest Rewards
Saya’s VigilCompleted Quest: The Vor’s PrizeGara Blueprint
Farming Gara parts
Vox SolarisFortuna on Venus for the first timeGaruda Blueprint
Farming Garuda parts
K-Drive Launcher gear
The Deadlock ProtocolMastery Rank 4
Completed Quest: The Vox Solaris
Protea Blueprint
Farming Protea parts
Heart of DeimosMars Junction on Earth CompletedXaku Blueprint 
Farming Xacu parts
Howl of the KubrowKubrow
Incubator Segment
Once AwakeHeat Sword Blueprint
A Man of Few WordsExilus Adapter
Single use Clem Clone Blueprint
The Limbo TheoremJunction from Jupiter to Europa
Limbo component blueprints
 Mask of the RevenantRank of “Observer” with The Quills SyndicateRevenant Blueprint and Part Blueprint
Farming Revenant parts
Hidden MessagesJunction from Pluto to SednaMirage component Blueprints 
Call of the TempestariiRailjack
Completed Quest: The Deadlock Protocol quest
Sevagoth Blueprint
Farming Sevagoth parts
Sands of InarosMastery Rank 5
Open Phobos on the Navigation Segment
Inaros Blueprint and the Inaros component blueprints
The Silver GroveMastery Rank 7
Completed Quest: The Second Dream quest
Titania Blueprint and part Blueprints
The Glast GambitCompleted Quest: The War WithinNidus Blueprint
Farming Nidus parts
Octavia’s AnthemCompleted Quest: The Second DreamOctavia Blueprint
Farming Octavia parts
Patient ZeroJunction from Pluto to ErisMesa component blueprints
Farming Mesa parts
The Jordas PreceptJunction from Pluto to ErisAtlas Blueprint 
Farming Atlas parts
Waverider QuestCompleted Quest: The Vox SolarisYareli Blueprint
parts researched in Bash Lab Dojo Room