Hound Companions

Each Corpus Sister comes with their very own Hound. As an added reward for Vanquishing your Sister, you’ll earn her Hound as your own Companion! There’s more, though! Hounds are also Modular Companions and in addition to earning your Sister’s Hound, there’s also a chance at a separate Hound Component to start the process of creating your truly customized Hound Companion! Each Hound you come across can have a subset of different Components (think MOA Companion Crafting).

Hound Component Blueprints are tradeable. Visit Legs in Fortuna to assemble a Hound Companion with your Components! Here you can also Provide your Hound to Legs for 4K Solaris United Standing. This amount is higher in comparison to MOA Companions due to the acquisition flow required for a Hound.

*Building a Hound includes a weapon, therefore requiring 2 Companion Slots.


Hound Precepts are rewarded based on the Model, Bracket, and Stabilizer chosen at Legs in Fortuna.

*Precept stats below are at max rank.

Model Precepts:

Hec Model – Equilibrium Audit Precept
Unleashes a series of shockwaves that knock down enemies within 15m and deal 300 damage.
Dorma Model – Repo Audit Precept
Emits a magnetic pulse that disarms enemies within 30m.
Bhaira Model – Null Audit Precept
Negates the aura and abilities on an Eximus enemy and transfers the aura to the Hound for 60s.

Bracket Precepts:

Urga Bracket – Diversified Denial Precept
Fabricates 3 Specters that fight for 30s that each deal 85% of the Hounds damage.
Zubb Bracket – Evasive Denial Precept
Teleports a safe distance away and engages a displacement field, gaining 75% chance to dodge enemy fire for 8s.
Cela Bracket – Reflex Denial Precept
Generates a shield that reflects 90% damage taken (including friendly fire) in pulses over 10s as Magnetic Damage in a 12m radius.

Stabilizer Precepts:

Hinta Stabilizer – Synergized Prospectus Precept
Fires a spark that seeks out the nearest enemy in 30m, dealing 300 Electricity Damage in a 10m radius. The spark ricochets up to 7x, seeking out the nearest enemy in 30m.
Wanz Stabilizer – Aerial Prospectus Precept
Launches a beacon at an enemy within 27m that calls down an Orbital Strike dealing 1200 Blast Damage in a 7m radius.
Frak Stabilizer – Focused Prospectus Precept
Fires a beam of energy that deals 900 Heat Damage over 4.5s.


Melee Hound weapons are rewarded after claiming a completed Hound from the Foundry (when you’ve vanquished a Sister of Parvos) or when building a Hound at Legs in Fortuna. The Melee weapon type is dependent on the Hound’s Model.

Akaten (Hec Hound Model)
Hound melee attacks eviscerate with Puncture and Slash damage.

Batoten (Dorma Hound Model)
Hound melee attacks pierce hard with Impact and Puncture damage.

Lacerten (Bhaira Hound Model)
Hound melee attacks devastate with Impact and Slash damage.


Discharged specter particles form an inert dust that can be collected and re-energized for various robotic projects.

Errant Specters in the Granum Void have a chance to drop Spectral Debris. This Resource is used in the Hound Component crafting process.

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