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Progenitor Warframe for Kuva Lich and Sister of Parvos

Warframe list for the elements on the Kuva/ tenet Weapons. Primed, Umbra or Shadow version of a Warframe share the same element. By Element ElementProgenitor Warframe* Impact Baruuk •  Gauss •  Grendel •  Rhino •  Sevagoth •  Wukong •  Zephyr Heat Chroma •  Ember •  Inaros •  Nezha •  Protea •  Vauban •  Wisp Cold Frost •  Gara •  Hildryn •  Revenant • Styanax •  Titania •  Trinity Electricity Banshee • Caliban • Excalibur •  Gyre • Limbo •  Nova •  Valkyr •  Volt Toxin Atlas •  Ivara •  Khora •  Nekros •  Nidus •  Oberon •  Saryn Magnetic Harrow •  Hydroid •  Lavos •  Mag •  Mesa •  Xaku •  Yareli Radiation Ash •  Equinox •  Garuda •  Loki •  Mirage •  Nyx •  Octavia • Voruna…

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The invasions list get updated once you refresh the page. Clicking opens 404 page.. so dont click. XBOX PC Invasions PS4 Invasions Nintendo Switch Invasions

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