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  1. Warframe (Prime Warframe, Non Prime Warframe and Necramech)
  2. Weapons (Prime Primary, Primary, Prime Secondary, Secondary, Prime Melee, Melee, Kuva, Tenet, Amp, Kitgun, Zaw and others)
  3. Relics (Requiem, Axi, Neo, Meso and Lith)
  4. Archwings, Arch-gun and Arch-melee
  5. Pets and Sentinels
  6. Mods, Railjack Mods
  7. Planets and locations
  8. Quests
  9. Arcanes Primary – Dexterity, Merciless, Deadhead, Secondary – Merciless, Deadhead, Dexterity
  10. Rivens (Riven Trade Data is now available on each Weapon detail page)
  11. Resources (Aya, Endo, Corrupted Holokey, Argon Crystal, Forma, Kuva, Anomaly Shard, Narmer Isoplast, Orokin Reactor, Orokin Cell, Orokin Reactor, Riven Sliver, Scintillant, Synthetic Eidolon Shard, Lens – Eidolon, Lua , Madurai, Naramon, Unairu, Vazarin, Zenurik, Toroid – Calda, Sola, Vega, Avionics and many more)

Wisp Prime, Fulmin Prime and Gunsen Prime

Kullervo and Rauta

Hildryn Prime, Larkspur Prime and Shade Prime

Citrine, Corufell and Steflos

Baruuk Prime, Cobra & Crane Prime, Afuris Prime, Tenet Ferrox and Tenet Plinx

Voruna, Perigale and Sarofang

Revenant Prime, Tatsu Prime and Phantasma Prime

Styanax, Afentis, Aegrit, Slaytra

Khora Prime, Hystrix Prime, Dual Keres Prime and Vericres

Gyre, Alternox, Hespar, Phenmor, Laetum, Praedos, Aeolak

Gruda Prime, Nagantaka Prime, Corvas Prime

Cabiban, Venato, Nataruk, Verdilac, Rumblejack, Nepheri and Korumm

Our approach for this website is to keep it simple and fast to use. Provide a list of items, select and get to the next level of detail. Want to be Mobile friendly, so that people can refer to it while playing the Warframe on Console or PC.

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